REVOLUTIONISING Private and Corporate medical healthcare.

Staying fit and healthy is the key to a full and happy life, so it makes sense to ensure that you have access to the best healthcare facilities available, no matter which country you reside. JIIB Financial health insurance is provided by some of the world's leading medical experts, thereby guaranteeing high quality facilities and treatment plus a worldwide network of state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics.
For those expats living and working abroad, accessing the right kind of health insurance cover can turn out to be a nightmare, with the cost of medical treatment often expensive and difficult to arrange particularly in an emergency.

Bringing together quite possibly, the most comprehensive range of expatriate health insurance plans currently available, JIIB Financial is a specialist provider of global private health insurances. Designed to provide not just the basic health cover, but also a wide range of benefits providing peace of mind for you, your family or your personnel.

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive policy or simply one that provides just the basics, then the chances are that we have a plan that's right for you. Our family of tailor made, affordable international healthcare insurance plans have been created to cover most eventualities. And remember, membership is open to virtually everyone, provided you join before your 65th birthday.
All our plans give you the choice of where you have your treatment. With over 7,000 hospitals and 350,000 physicians and nursing staff in our network, you can choose almost any registered medical facility in the world (subject to your Plan’s Area or Cover Deductible and Benefit Levels).

If you fall ill abroad and local facilities prove to be inadequate, we will arrange for your evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical center. We will make all the necessary arrangements and where required ensure that you are accompanied throughout your journey by a qualified physician or nurse.

With a global network of 24/7 emergency call centers, professionals and doctors / physicians in over 161 countries, we are always on hand, whenever or wherever you need help. We can provide immediate access to fast, reliable medical advice, and identify the most appropriate medical facility or physician for your condition.

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