Safety and security is a concern for all expats living in Indonesia and we all do our part to provide the safest environment for ourselves and our families.  Even with the best of security, planning and intentions, disaster can happen both from nature and from man.

What would you do if you faced the loss of all your personal items due to fire, theft or flood? Have you considered the replacement cost?  Do you have an accurate inventory of what you own and how much it is worth?  You may be shocked to find out what the replacement cost would be for your furnishings, appliances and electronics not to mention clothes, shoes, hand bags and jewellery.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable and easy it is to insure them with a home contents policy with coverage for both home owners and renters/lessees.   You will also be pleasantly surprised to find you can insure your laptops, hand phone, I-Pads and sporting equipment along with watches and other jewellery, even when taking outside the home.  Add to this IDR 5 Billion in personal liability coverage for you, your spouse and your children (residing with the insured) and you will wonder why you haven’t insured yourself already.  We all hope that contents and liability insurance is  a product that we will never need to make use of but you can mitigate the financial risk to yourself and your family by maintaining the proper amounts of coverage in case of fire, theft or flooding.  

Some examples of coverage and cost:  $100,000 USD of household items including furniture, home electronics, clothes, artwork, etc... can be insured at a premium of 0.15% of value, thus the $100,000 USD coverage only costs  $150.00 USD / year.  You are able to add to this with coverage for your hand phones, laptops and tablets to be insured both inside and outside the house at a premium of 2.5% of insured value (e.g. $3500 USD in value cost $87.50 USD / year).

You may also wish to add your sporting equipment such as golf clubs and scuba gear to be insured both inside and outside the home at a premium of 2% of the insured value (e.g. $3000 in sporting goods will have a premium of $60.00 USD / year).  Watches and jewellery can be added on for protection inside and outside the house at a premium of 1.5% of insured value (e.g. $5000 USD in watches and jewellery will have a premium cost of $75.00 USD). 

To summarize the above example: a family insuring $100,000 of household items, $3500 in Laptops/Hand Phones, $3000 in sporting goods and $5000 in Jewellery and watches will have an annual premium cost of only $372.50. In addition to this you also have the benefit of personal liability coverage of IDR 5 Billion ($518,000 USD) plus extra coverage for funeral expenses for both family and staff, loss of documents, money and credit cards (for covered events occurring in insured home)

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