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June 12, 2013


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QROPSWhat are QROPS?On moving abroad many British expatriates will have left their UK pension arrangements in place. These pensions remain subject to UK pensions law. As a result, the pension income may be subject to UK income tax (20% deducted at source). Additionally, the UK investment… Read more
May 29, 2013


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More and more children go on to university. Which means that as a parent if you are not entitled to Government help with their tuition fees and cost of living expenses it can become a very expensive exercise. As a parent it is prudent to save over a short period of time to provide for an expense… Read more
May 29, 2013


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Safety and security is a concern for all expats living in Indonesia and we all do our part to provide the safest environment for ourselves and our families. Even with the best of security, planning and intentions, disaster can happen both from nature and from man.What would you do if you faced the… Read more
May 29, 2013


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Life Cover pays out a cash sum if you die or, if your cover is for three years or more, are diagnosed with a terminal illness leading to a claim for Accelerated Life Cover during the cover term. If we pay the cash sum, this cover will end. Critical Illness Cover pays out a cash sum if, during the… Read more
May 29, 2013


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REVOLUTIONISING Private and Corporate medical healthcare.Staying fit and healthy is the key to a full and happy life, so it makes sense to ensure that you have access to the best healthcare facilities available, no matter which country you reside. JIIB Financial health insurance is provided by some… Read more


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